Meta Instagram’s Auto-Blur Feature to protect teens

Taking Action Against Financial Sextortion: Instagram's Latest Initiative. Instagram introduces new feature that will detect and blur out nude Images sent to teens in DMs. Nudity protection will be turned on by default for teens under 18 globally, and the app will also show a notification to adults encouraging them to turn it on.

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Financial sextortion is a deeply troubling crime that preys on individuals’ vulnerabilities and exploits intimate trust. In response to this growing threat, Instagram, owned by Meta, has intensified its efforts to combat such heinous acts. Collaborating with experts and drawing from years of experience, Instagram unveils its latest arsenal in the fight against financial sextortion.

Meta Instagram's Auto-Blur Feature to protect teens

Understanding Financial Sextortion

Financial sextortion involves perpetrators coercing victims into providing money or other valuables under the threat of releasing intimate or compromising images or information. This form of exploitation thrives in the digital realm, where scammers use various tactics to target and manipulate individuals.

Meta Instagram's Auto-Blur Feature to protect teens

Empowering Users with Protective Tools

Instagram is rolling out innovative features aimed at safeguarding users, particularly adolescents, from falling victim to financial sextortion. Among these is the introduction of nudity protection in direct messages (DMs). This feature automatically blurs images containing nudity and issues reminders about the risks associated with sharing sensitive photos. Notably, nudity protection will be enabled by default for users under 18 globally, with adults encouraged to activate it.

Enhanced Safety Measures

In addition to nudity protection, Instagram is bolstering its defenses against potential scammers seeking to exploit vulnerable users. By leveraging technology to identify suspicious behavior indicative of sextortion, the platform aims to preemptively block such accounts from interacting with teens. Messages from potential sextortion accounts will be redirected to a hidden requests folder, shielding users from unwanted solicitations.

Meta Instagram's Auto-Blur Feature to protect teens

Empowering Users with Resources

Recognizing the trauma inflicted by financial sextortion, Instagram is equipping users with resources to navigate such distressing situations. Pop-up messages will guide individuals who may have interacted with removed sextortion accounts to expert-backed support services and helplines. Furthermore, integration of local child safety helplines into reporting flows ensures swift assistance for those in need.

Collaborative Efforts Across Platforms

Instagram’s commitment to combat financial sextortion extends beyond its own platform. As a founding member of Lantern, a program spearheaded by the Tech Coalition, Instagram shares critical signals to thwart sextortion scams across various online platforms. This collaborative approach underscores the importance of industry-wide cooperation in safeguarding users from digital exploitation.

Expert Endorsements

Leading experts in online safety commend Instagram’s proactive stance against financial sextortion. John Shehan, Senior Vice President of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, lauds Meta’s device-side safety measures, expressing optimism about their potential to curtail online exploitation. Dr. Sameer Hinduja, Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center, applauds Instagram’s nuanced approach, emphasizing its role in mitigating harm and fostering online safety.


As Instagram unveils its latest initiatives to combat financial sextortion, it reaffirms its commitment to protecting users from digital exploitation. Through the deployment of innovative features, enhanced safety measures, and collaborative efforts across platforms, Instagram endeavors to create a safer online environment for all. Together, we can confront the scourge of financial sextortion and empower individuals to reclaim control of their digital lives.

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