How To Apply For The New Digital Number Plates Online In Kenya

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The Government of Kenya in 2022 introduced the new generation digital number plates. The new number plates were introduced with the aim to fight forgery, duplication and swapping.

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They announced in August 2022, they plan to phase out the old plates within 18 months.

New Features

The new number plates will have QR code, NTSA serial number, the Kenyan flag, a hologram and a micro-chip.

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It will cost Ksh3,000 to acquire the new number plates and an additional Ksh50 service fee.

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Application for Digital Number Plates

  1. Visit and go to Online Services
  2. Select motor vehicle registration
  3. Log into your account
  4. Select Apply for reflective plates then select the vehicle and click Next
  5. Select the reason for the application i.e you need the new generation plates
  6. Choose your preferred method of being notified such as SMS
  7. Choose a number plate and preferred format, whether oblong or square
  8. Upload in PDF format, copies of your original logbook and old license plates (rear and front)
  9. Select your collection centre, and enter the ID number of the person who will collect it
  10. Pay the Ksh.3,050 fee and confirm.
  11. Once your plates are ready, you will receive a notification to go and collect them at your chosen centre.


NTSA states that the new plates will be picked up 7 days after the application process.

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