7 things women do much better than men 

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Men and women are obviously different beings, but even so, it is also obvious that we don’t come from different planets, and that the story that women are from Venus and men from Mars doesn’t make much sense.

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Even so, our peculiarities are really distinct, and consequently each group will have greater ease or propensity to carry out certain activities or want to possess certain characteristics.

Thinking exactly about this, do you know what women do better than men? No? So check it out!

1- Understand other people’s intentions

Have you ever heard of the female “sixth sense”? Well, science may not be able to prove them, but we women know that it actually exists.

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We can perceive and notice another person’s intention (especially that of other women), even before that person realizes what they really want.

2- Do several things at the same time

There’s no way around it, women’s lives, especially in the 21st century, always tend to be multitasking. Because currently, we work at home, outside the home and wherever else is necessary, all without mentioning all the things we still need to do for ourselves!

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Ultimately, either you do 10 things at the same time, or you can’t do anything at all that you had to do in your day.

3- Give advice

We’re not saying that men are bad at this. But women tend to be more connected to the sentimental and personal, being able to analyze each case and situation in a general way.

Men, on the other hand, say what they believe to be best, period, without questioning themselves what might actually be best for the other people around them.

4- Finish university

According to a study published by the US Department of Educational Statistics, women actually tend to finish their courses much more than men, who give up the field or drop out of college before graduating much more than women.

Furthermore, women also complete their courses in less time than men.

5- Be resilient

Research published by McGill University revealed that the estrogen present in the female body also contributes to our immune defense.

For this reason, women are more resistant to infections.

6- Be altruistic

For those who don’t yet know, altruism is nothing more than the quality of being able to care about others, and put yourself in their place, without wanting to get anything in return for your benevolence.

Because they are more sentimental beings, women tend to get upset more easily when faced with someone else’s difficulties. We are not saying that men cannot possess this quality, however for women this reaction tends to be more natural and instinctive, especially for those who have already been mothers.

7- Live

You may have been scared and questioned yourself regarding this topic, but we are not talking about life experience, but rather about the practical things that involve our health and longevity.

And speaking of which, it’s no wonder that women tend to live longer than men, since we are more likely to seek help, eat healthier, have a more resistant immune system, etc.

To give you an idea, among people who are already 100 years old or more on a global scale, 85% of people are female.

So, dear readers, did you already know all these feminine qualities? Would you add any other items to this list? Tell us below in the comments.

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